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26.02 - oil droped prices after Trump's words

Interesting dynamic in the prices for oil is seen in the segment of the market. Yesterday Donald Trump said it seemed to him that the price for oil were too high and the price obliged by dropping a hard-earned per-barrel price.

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22.02 - trading week ends with gains erased

The end of the week brought declines to the Asian segment of the market as well as to American tech and social stocks. The declines are due to the fact that trade talks are not proceeding as the traders were expecting, so it is hard to focus on all of the goof that they might bring. Traders prefer to get rid of those assets which are under the threat of a fall.

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25.02 - the world is waiting for another North Korea-US summit

Donald Trump starts a week off with another claim that he is going to postpone the date on raising the tariffs for the Asian economies. This served as a perfect boost that the economy and the export of China needed. Asian numbers are seen rising.

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21.02 - trade optimism around the world picks the markets up

As trade optimism around the world surges, so do indices and stocks across the globe. Right now we see growth walking across Asian segment of the market, although it is still not even greasing the greenback.

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