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5.03 - markets are a rollercoaster today

Asian stocks are visibly in the declining part of the market today as traders await at least some decision on the Asian-American trading. Right now the situation is hanging in the air and the uncertainty is killing all of trading at the moment.

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1.03 - dollar keeps on growing after the GDP data

As Chinese economic data enter the picture, we see an incredible increase in the performance of the region even though the Indian-Pakistani situation. Right now traders so desperately need some positive info and we are looking at the straight result of our hunger for good information – and it is good.

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4.03 - dollar resumes week with a fall

Asian shares are on the clear rise as the new trading week begins. The growth is all due a report that US and Asia are close to some kind of trading agreement. With that positive outlook on world trading is climbing just like it should.

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28.02 - India and Pakistan are spoiling today's trading

As all of us are watching the crisis that is unravelling right on front of our eyes between India and Pakistan, we are not that interested in trading and that is felt around the world. Asian markets along with commodities and equities are either still on in the red zone this morning.

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