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28.12 - precious metals recover their price

28.12 - precious metals recover their price
28.12 - precious metals recover their price

As the last trading day of the year creeped up to us we see mixed performance in the markets all around the globe. Although we were hoping to see more of a recovery from American stocks, but we see none of that as the major players have lost a lot of points today.

Oil recovers after losses yesterday, which is good, but the greenback is still beyond saving at this point. All is left for us is to wait for the New Year to fix all of the faults.

Precious metals recover.

Kospi grew 0.6 percent.

S&P 500 added 0.2 percent.

Hang Seng is 0.1 percent higher.

Shanghai Composite rose 0.4 percent.

Nikkei Stock Average 225 dropped 0.31 percent.

Dow Jones Industrial Average grew 1.14 percent.

Greenback lost 0.2 percent against the six major currencies.

Euro is up 0.2 percent - $1.1457.

Yen rose 0.4 percent – 110.6 yen per dollar.

Pound is at $1.2669 point.

Apple lost 0.65 percent – 156.15 per share.

Facebook grew 0.25 - $134.52.

Amazon decreases 0.63 percent - $1461.64 per share.

Tesla is down by 3.05 percent - $316.13 per share.

WTI oil recovered 2.33 percent - $45.65 per barrel.

Brent is up 1.96 percent - $53.18 per barrel.

Gold gained 0.12 percent - $1282.7 per ounce.

Silver grew 0.56 percent - $15.4.

Platinum increased 0.54 percent - $801.04 per ounce.