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24.12 - slide in Americam stocks goes on

24.12 - slide in Americam stocks goes on
24.12 - slide in Americam stocks goes on

Impact of the decisions of Donald Trump is super obvious at the moment. The partial shut-down of the American government and the possible firing of the Head of the Federal Reserve is all mirrored in the recent financial situation in the markets. We are now looking at the very sleepy greenback as the holidays approach us and an extremely mixed Asian market as investors are laying low to make up their minds.

American stock market is extremely vulnerable and we are seeing a tremendous drop in the price for apple shares as well as Facebook and Amazon. As the slide goes on and on for the companies we start to wonder about their future.

Oil is trying to recover after the losses, pared by the commodity last week.

Kospi decreased 0.3 percent.

S&P 500 dropped 2.1 percent.

Hang Seng slipped 0.4 percent.

Shanghai Composite grew 0.2 percent.

Nikkei Stock Average 225 lost 1.11 percent lighter.

Dow Jones Industrial Average decreases 1.81 percent.

As the holiday season approaches, dollar slides 0.2 percent against the basket of six major currencies waiting for the holiday slumber.

Euro is up 0.2 percent - $1.139.

Pound costs $1.26625 after gaining 0.1 percent.

Yen grew 0.1 percent – 111.1 per dollar.

Apple shares Were sliding the whole week last week and we see a horrific drop at the moment as the price reached $150.73 level after another 3.89 percent fall.

Facebook is dropping price as well. The most recent loss is 6.33 percent - $124.65 per share.

Amazon declined 5.71 percent - $1377.45 per share – the lowest point for the company in at least 6 months.

Tesla is up by 1.39 percent - $319.77 per share.

WTI oil added 0.48 percent - $45.81 per barrel.

Brent increased 0.33 percent - $54 per barrel.

Gold is up 0.68 percent - $1266.8 per ounce.

Silver added 0.08 percent - $14.78.

Platinum increased 0.57 percent - $794.63 per ounce.