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12.12 - China-US trade deal is already showing effect

12.12 - China-US trade deal is already showing effect
12.12 - China-US trade deal is already showing effect

Positive outlook on the possible trade deal between China and United Sates obviously already has its influence on Asian and world markets as we see a clear addition to the major players right now. It is possible that trading is going to soar after the deal is signed in March after all.

American tech and social stocks are also growing. All but Apple, whose production is now banned in China which is not doing the company any favors.

Oil and precious metals are recovering and equities are still with the dollar that has no movements.

Topix rose 1.9 percent.

S&P 500 futures gained 0.5 percent.

Hang Seng grew 1.5 percent.

Shanghai Composite added 0.2 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific added 1.4 percent.

Nikkei Stock Average 225 is up by 2.21 percent.

Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.22 percent.

Dollar was flat against the basket of six major currencies as one of the best investment opportunities in the current situation.

Euro costs $1.1325.

Pound tumbled 0.6 percent yesterday and is calm at the moment - $1.2507.

Yen is staying at 113.49 per dollar level.

Apple shares are not extending the rise and losing another 0.57 percent - $168.63.

Facebook is up 0.16 percent - $142.08.

Amazon increased 0.13 percent - $1643.24.

Tesla added 0.44 percent - $366.76 per share.

WTI oil recovered 1.3 percent - $52.32 per barrel.

Brent increased 1.25 percent - $60.95 per barrel.

Gold is up 0.2 percent - $1243.1.

Silver grew 0.04 - $14.57 per ounce.

Platinum rose 2 percent - $785.

Palladium increased 2 percent - $1230 per ounce.