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6.12 - Asia keeps on going lower

6.12 - Asia keeps on going lower
6.12 - Asia keeps on going lower

Asian markets have slid alongside American futures due to Canada’s arresting of CFO of Huawei. Bad news for Chinese conglomerate. But at the moment there is mothing we can do, but to watch Asia go into the sell off after a perfect beginning of the week.

American markets are still and there is no information on the greenback movements as yesterday due to the funereal of George H.W. Bush was an official day of mourning across the country. Numbers at the markets are just the same as they were yesterday.

Oil is sliding further while gold and other precious metals are mixed.

Topix lost 2.2 percent.

S&P 500 futures decreased 1.3 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific slid 1.9 percent.

Hang Seng lost 2.6 percent.

Nikkei Stock Average 225 lost 1.91 percent.

Dow Jones Industrial Average decreased 3.1 percent.

Euro was flat - $1.1344.

Pound is down by 0.1 percent - $1.2724.

Yen added 0.5 percent – 112.66 per dollar.

Apple shares lost 4.4 percent - $176.69.

Facebook lost 2.24 percent - $137.93.

Amazon decreased 5.87 percent - $1668.4.

Tesla gained 0.34 percent - $359.7.

WTI oil drops 1.19 percent - $52.26.

Brent loses 0.91 percent - $61 per barrel.

Gold is up 06 percent - $1237.3 per ounce.

Silver declined 0.06 percent - $14.4 per ounce.

Platinum lost 7 percent - $792 per ounce.

Palladium is still at $1226 per ounce price.