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12.10 - recovery after the selloff is here.

12.10 - recovery after the selloff is here.
12.10 - recovery after the selloff is here.

With the biggest selloff in Asian stocks being over we need to take a look at recovering markets and see why the selloff happened in the first place. Although there is no use to dwell on the past as most of the indices have already recovered after yesterday’s shock. Dollar has also steadied after the losses bared by the currency yesterday, although there is no recovery for the greenback in sight.

Major American shares are still under the influence of the selloff with only Apple able to recover lost positions and not extending the loss pared by the stock in the last couple of days.

Commodities to not look so horrible as yesterday. Although precious metals are still very much in the red zone.

MSCI Asia Pacific went up 1.2 percent.

Hang Seng grew 1.9 percent.

S&P 500 futures gained 1.2 percent.

Kospi rose 1.9 percent.

Nikkei Stock Average 225 advanced 0.42 percent.

Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 2.13 percent.

Dollar declined 0.1 percent against the basket of six major peers.

Yen lost 0.2 percent – 112.4 yen per dollar.

Euro went up 0.1 percent - $1.1605.

Apple shares do not extend the gains pared by them yesterday and go down by 0.88 percent - $214.45 per share.

Facebook gained 1.3 percent - $153.35.

Amazon is down 2.03 percent - $1719.36 per share.

Tesla brought us the news about the possible new CEO of the company but that didn’t help the stock of the company with the growth. Declined for today is 1.81 percent - $252.23.

WTI oil recovers some of the lost positions with 1.03 percent advance and $71.7 per barrel price.

Brent is up 1.15 percent - $81.18 per barrel.

Gold extend yesterday’s losses with 6.2 percent - $1217.4.

Silver lost another 0.03 percent - $14.53.

Platinum declined 1 percent - $838 per ounce.

Palladium froze at $1075 per ounce price.