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20.03 - monetary policies around the wolrd are shifting

As traders focused on Jerome Powell delivering a report on new monetary policies of the United States there is a clear outflow of interest from the Asian segment of the market and as a result today we can barely see the growth that was following us the days before.

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18.03 - new week opens on a high note

Gains in Asian segment if the market are opening a new trading week with more and more advances as China is doing extremely well, given the consequence for the growth. The gains that has pushed markets to the highest level since October last week are extended, so it is up for debate – what level will the markets rise to?

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19.03 - traders await decision on monetary policies around the world

As traders await the decisions of central banks on monetary policies around the world the currencies are standing calm with no one knowing what to expect from the major players in the field. Although the performance of the greenback is hopeful today after the recent declined that we saw.

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15.03 - additions as welcome to the Asian segment of the market

Friday became a lucky day for Asian indices as growth exchanged the falls that we saw for the majority of the weekdays. The gains were so high that not even the fact that we saw gains for the majority of time could stop them from weekly gains. Some of them are heading for the gains we haven’t seen in weeks which is a good change of scenery for the Asian segment of the market.

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