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19.04 - euro has lost all mojo

Stocks around the world are edging higher today before the holiday starts in Europe and in Asia. Monday a lot of markets are going to be closed to Catholic Easter. The next week Orthodox countries are going to interrupt their trading because of the same reason. Trading comes to an end just like the trading week.

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17.04 - markets recover as dollar drops

Stocks in Asia have risen as more and more economic data are coming from China. It is a wonder – how all of the data are positive and are able to change our outlook on the Asian economy as a whole this is the effect that we have been seeing these days.

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18.04 - Easter is going to pause trading

After a mixed performance yesterday Asian segments of the market decided to fully give into the losses – a move that we can see today. Although the assessment of Asian and world economy is not nearly as bad, traders Are still not sure whether it is worth it – to stick with the regions when it comes to trading. The outlook is so positive, in fact, that there is a new opinion that we are not going to see recession in the nearest 2 years.

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16.04 - markets are struggling for direction

Trading around the world doesn’t look so cut and dry today as Asian markets demonstrate uneven performance, although most of them are lingering around 6-months-high point. Investors are trying to weigh the risks and earnings in different segments of the market.

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