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18.02 - dollar starts the week flat

The week begins with the perfect growth of every segment of the market. It is refreshing to see Asian market, world equities and commodities finally go in the same direction – up. The only major losers today are the American tech and social stocks. They experience a decline even though that the conditions of the market allow then to grow.

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14.02 - Valentine brought fall for the greenback and gains for oil

Asian numbers along with the American futures are performing steady with no rapid changes as Us announced that they are considering having no additional tariffs for China for the next 60 days. Dollar keeps on slipping.

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15.02 - dollar retreates against major peers

As the end of the trading week approached we can clearly see that traders have doubts about their optimism on trade talks. It seems that the closer we get to trade talks, the more obvious it becomes to us that nothing is going to change and that trade war is far from over.

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13.02 - dollar retreats for the first time in weeks

As optimistic outlook on trade talks grows, so do the markets around the world. Asian markets are extending yesterday’s gains and dollar is pushed back by the other growing currencies.

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