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10.09 - markets are surprisingly calm today

boats on calm sea


Despite not having that definite growth today markets are still looking pretty confident. Asian segment of the market is trying to prepare itself for the meeting of the bankers that is due to come in just a few short days. Of course global traders are not going to care about the meeting as much because we have bigger problems on our mind, but it would be nice to see and hear about the positive development tendencies rather than about the weaknesses in the global markets. What are the chances that Asian markets are going to demonstrate positive developments? Quite slim, I should say.

Of course it is good that we have several backups. For example, the greenback displays moderate gains. The currency market as a whole is pretty calm these days. It seems that after the turbulence and jumps that we have been witnessing for the last couple of weeks traders decided to take a breather which results in the present quite modest performance of the markets.

Those trading shares are watching Apple. Today is one of the most important days of the years for those who love using Apple products, especially iPhones as we are going to see the newest iPhone model [the one which is rumored to have three different cameras]. This development couldn’t help but catch our eyes, but if the performance of the shares is going to be just the same as it was before, we are going to see some falls, so it is better to prepare ourselves for the possible fall.

In general, American stock market is mixed at best.

Commodities are mixed, even though oil Is still gaining per-barrel price. This is the third or fourth day in a row for the oil of the commodity which tell us that these days oil market is booming even despite the lack of attention from traders. Precious metals are slipping.

Here are the main changes for today:

Topix grew 0.3 percent.

Kospi grew 0.5 percent.

Shanghai Composite dropped 0.3 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong was flat.

S&P 500 futures advanced 0.2 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific rose 0.4 percent.

Dollar rose a bit higher against the basket of six major currencies.

Euro barely moved - $1.1046.

Yen is at 107.38 per dollar point after having gained 0.1 percent.

British pound recovered some of the positions - $1.2341.

Apple added 0.4 percent - $214.17.

Facebook grew 0.7 percent – $188.76.

Amazon dropped 0.1 percent - $1831.35 per share.

Tesla advanced 1.9 percent - $231.79.

Google shares lost 0.1 percent - $1205.27.

WTI grew 0.5 percent - $58.14 per barrel.

Brent added 0.4 percent - $62.85 per barrel.

Gold dropped 0.8 percent - $1498.4 per ounce.

Silver shed 1.4 percent - $17.91 per ounce.

Platinum is by 1.8 percent lighter – $930.38.