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3.09 - USD is pushing on all the other assets and markets



Today we all are focused of USD. American currency is growing pretty fast and the growth has taken it to the highest point in 2.5 years – that is a real threat for the rest of the markets which are feeling really fragile right now in part thanks to the dollar as well.

Asian regions, for example are trading really mixed today as investors are trying to demonstrate as much caution as they can around the region. US-Chinese talks and meetings are to be scheduled and until they are, it is better to take the possible talks with a grain of salt. It is reported that the two sides of the trade conflict have difficulties setting up the talks – a fact which in its turn leads to the difficulties in our trading.

Of course this means that the safe haven of dollar is going to protect it even further, helping it if not in growth then in supporting the positions gained by the currency along the way. Until the greenback is growing and giving us shelter there is little that we can do about the fall of all of the other currencies.

American stock market stands with no changes whatsoever today, as yesterday there was a bank holiday in the USA and main stocks of the country went untraded for a whole day. Their performance and their prices remained the same. Of course that means that today their trading is going to resume with even stronger force.

All of the commodities are remaining in their places with oil extending the slip and precious metals keeping on with the mixed performance even though most of them are in the green zone.

Here are the main shifts for today:

Topix grew 0.5 percent.

Kospi dropped 0.2 percent.

Shanghai Composite lost 0.3 percent.

Hang Seng from Hong Kong decreased 0.3 percent.

S&P 500 futures lost 0.2 percent.

MSCI Asia Pacific dropped 0.2 percent.

Dollar added 0.2 percent against the basket of six major currencies rising to the highest point since winter 2017.

Pound dropped 0.3 percent - $1.2035 – one of the worst performances of the British currency since it dropped 0.7 percent yesterday.

Yen is at 106.34 per dollar point after having lost 0.1 percent.

Apple lost 0.1 percent - $208.74.

Facebook was flat – $185.67.

Amazon dropped 0.6 percent - $1776.29 per share.

Tesla declined 1.8 percent - $225.61.

Google shares decreased 0.3 percent - $1190.53.

WTI decreased 0.45 percent - $54.85 per barrel.

Brent was barely moved - $58.65 per barrel.

Gold added 0.3 percent - $1534 per ounce.

Silver improved its positions by 1 percent - $18.53 per ounce.

Platinum grew 0.5 percent – $935.16.