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08.08 - Calming down

4.03.2019 small



An impressive recovery on Wall Street after momentary panic a day earlier boosted global stocks Thursday.

Positive Chinese trade data seemed to further calm nerves with investors selling off safe-haven assets - such as U.S. Treasuriesgold and the yen - and returning to equities.


SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Many Chinese investors are piling into products that provide a hedge against a stock market collapse, convinced now that the Sino-U.S. trade war will drag on and, if anything, intensify.

The dramatic shattering of a month-long truce between Beijing and Washington this month has dashed hopes of a trade deal, and these investors are bracing for more bad news, such as further sanctions on Chinese companies, pressure on ratings agencies to downgrade China’s credit rating and even moves to drive up the price of oil.