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25.06 - Iran-US tensions are causing a lot of troubles for us

25.06 - Iran-US tensions are causing a lot of troubles for us...

Geopolitical tensions all over the world are leading us towards seeing just how much economy and politics are intertwined with each other. Political tension between USA and Iraq are only getting the power and we are only stuck seeing what they do to not only international political climate but to in...

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Kate: He is at lunch, can i leave a message?

Sara: Yesterday signals won and one of my friends want to join you guys can i tell him to contact me whn is back from lunch?

Kate: Wow thats great, Send me me his email i will put it on his desk, i will let him know to give you a call

Sara: thanks kate:)

James: Hey Dave how are you?

Dave: Am ok you ?

James: Very Good thanks for asking

Dave: I am getting better results with the signals

James: Hey Martin, Have a great day today ! :)

Martin: Thank you James !!! The signals acutally work ! Say hi to Kate for me, waiting for todays signals Cheers mate

James: Glad to hear keep up the good work !

James: I will :)

Devin: You want me to call you in the evening again?

Charles: I would love to chat, All good with the signals part haha !

Charles: Made 20.05 US last night

Devin: i am glad to hear Charles, let me know if you need any assitence :)

Charles: Wil do !

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